3kg Rotary Rock Tumbler Kit With Grit For Stones And Rocks

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3kg Rotary Rock Tumbler

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3kg Capacity Rotary tumbler

Australian Plug

Comes with steel shot for metal burnishing

Jar of 80 grit Approx 600 grams

Jar of 240 grit Approx 400 grams

Jar of 600 grit Approx 300 grams

Jar of Polish Approx 100 grams

2 x Bags of plastic pellets approx 160 grams each

These are a great little tumbler for rock and glass polishing or polishing jewellery or other metals.

Rotary tumblers are ideal for rock tumbling and polishing as they will give the rocks a rounded finish.

Rocks can be polished from start to finish in these tumblers. There are 4 steps to polishing rocks and each step takes a week.

The first step in 80 grit silicone carbide. This will shape the rocks

The second step is 240 grit silicone carbide for a week.

Third step is 600 grit for a week which will leave the rocks with a dull sheen on them.

The fourth step is the polish for the final week.

This means 4 weeks to polish rock

Please note this will be sent in 2 packages.

Please note rocks should only be tumbled on speed number 1 and no girt courser than 80 grit should be used

12 Month Warranty on motor and 3 months on the barrel


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