Rock Tumbler Grit Kit Tumbling Polishing Abrasive Media Lapidary Rotary Barrel

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This is the ideal kit for rotary (drum) tumblers. It contains jars of all the grits, polish and plastic filler pellets that are need to transform rough rocks into an item of beauty.

You also get four measuring spoons so you dont have to risk contaminating the next grit size.

There are 2 option for the polish. The first is cerium oxide and the second is chrome oxide. We prefer chrome oxide for most rocks as it gives a great polish and is easier to clean the polish out of any holes or cracks. Cerium tends to leave white in any cracks and is difficult to remove. Be warned chrome oxide can be very messy.

You will receive the following

Jar of 80 grit Approx 600 grams

Jar of 240 grit Approx 400 grams

Jar of 600 grit Approx 300 grams

Jar of Polish Approx 100 grams

2 x Bags of plastic pellets approx 160 grams each

4 x measuring spoons

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