3kg Vibratory Rock Tumbler For Stones, Jewellery Or For Reloaders

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3kg Vibratory Rock Tumbler

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Vibratory tumblers are ideal for finishing and polishing.

3kg Capacity

Bowl opening is 190mm and bowl is 250mm wide.

Ideal for polishing stones, jewellery, glass, metals and used by reloaders

We use a rotary tumbler for a week for the first grind with 80 grit silicone carbide . This will shape the stones and take sharp edges off.

The vibratory tumbler tends to keep the general shape of the item being tumbled

We then use a vibratory tumbler with 220 grit silicone carbide for two days. With a vibratory tumbler it is best to use ceramic media  as a filler rather than plastic pellets as the pellets tend to float on the top in a vibratory tumbler. Switch to 600 grit silicone carbide for a further two days. Now its time to polish. We have ceramic media that we only use for polishing to make sure there is no cross contamination. We use a number of different polishes depending on the type of rocks to be polished. The stones are run in the polish for 1 – 3 days.

12 Month Warranty 


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