Western Australian Tumble Polished Pilbara Amethyst Jasper Mookaite Chert Rocks

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 The first 2 photos show the types of rocks you will receive. The third  photo that shows how they are packed.
15 Large tumble polished rocks from Western Australia.
 The following is the average sizes of the stones you will receive
Galaxy Agate- 40mm x 35mm x 17mm
Amethyst- 52mm x 31mm x 20mm
Banded Iron- 45mm x 27mm x 27mm
Epidotized Rhyolite- 35mm x 35mm x 15mm
Rose Quartz- 23mm x 25mm x 19mm
Tiger Eye- 45mm x34mm x 12mm
Black Chert/ Jasper- 37mm x 24mm x 21mm
Chrome Diopside- 38mm x 28mm x 19mm
Hematite- 31mm x 36mm x 16mm
Chrysoprase- 28mm x 28mm x 19mm
Malachite/Chrysocolla- 38mm x 26mm x 24mm
Marble Bar Chert/Jasper- 30mm x 28mm x 22mm
Exmouth Pudding Stone- 51mm x 33mm x 30mm
Serpentine- 36mm x 25mm x 14mm
Mookait- 42mm x 30mm x 20mm
All sizes are approx.
Each rock will come in a separate plastic bag and labelled with the type of rock. 

Please Note

As all of our stones are natural there may be cracks, holes and other imperfections. All of our stones are natural and we don’t do any crack or void filling. We don’t use oils or waxes to enhance our stones. We polish our stones by using finer and finer diamond polishing pads followed by different types of polishing oxide.
We do our best to show the true nature of our stones. Different computers and phones display colours differently but if you receive a stone you are not happy with we offer free returns so you won’t be out of pocket.


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