Large Polished Oncolite Slice Exmouth Western Australia Rock Slab Marine

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Type of stone: Oncolite
Origin: Exmouth Western Australia
Approx Size: 240mm x 125mm x 8-12mm
Weight: 635 grams
The front is polished and the back is rough and a bit uneven as shown in the photos.
Oncolites are thought to be formed by cyanobacterial growth. Oncolites are sedimentary structures composed of oncoids, . Oncolites are very similar to stromatolites, but, instead of forming columns, they form approximately spherical structures.
Exmouth was once a sea floor which is where the Oncolites formed. Now it is dry land with a mountain range. 
Comes with free  stand as seen in the photos.



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As all of our stones are natural there may be cracks, holes and other imperfections. All of our stones are natural and we don’t do any crack or void filling. We don’t use oils or waxes to enhance our stones. We polish our stones by using finer and finer diamond polishing pads followed by different types of polishing oxide.
We do our best to show the true nature of our stones. Different computers and phones display colours differently but if you receive a stone you are not happy with we offer free returns so you won’t be out of pocket.
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