150mm Diamond Polishing Pads Rock Grinding Slabs Slices Granite Jasper 6 Inch

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These are a cheaper and more versatile option than flat lap disks. Each pad will outlast a number of flat lap discs making them very economical. The diamond is impregnated through the resin so as it wears new diamond is being exposed not plated like a flat lap disk.

Set of 7 150mm diamond polishing pads
50 grit
100 grit
200 grit
400 grit
800 grit
1500 grit
3000 grit
These hook and loop backed diamond pads are ideal for polishing slabs and large rocks The can be stuck to a polishing plate at the end of a cabbing machine using a 150mm hook and loop starter disc (purchased separately). This disc has the hooks one side and psa (pressure sensitive adhesive) on the other. The starter discs are available  https://silversmithingtools.com.au/shop/polishing-supplies/150mm-200mm-hook-and-loop-starter-disc-for-polishing-pads-sanding-discs/

Made in China

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