Premium Quality #1200 Grit 8"x1-1/2" Diamond Resin Napping Soft Wheel Lapidary

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8″x1-1/2″-Diamond Resin Napping Soft Wheel 1200 Grit

We have used many different wheels trying to find the best quality and value. This has lead us to these premium quality wheels. They are made to last a long time and come at a value for money price.

Diamond resin napping wheels are aggressive resin wheels used for cabbing, forming, contour grinding and pre-polishing stone, glass, synthetic material and even some metals. They are efficient wheels and well-suited for high volume commercial cabbing. Our diamond resin napping wheels are an excellent choice for high volume commercial cabbing. 

Commercial grade diamonds are locked into a specially formulated resin-bonded belt that is mounted on a medium density foam backing with plastic centre core. The medium density foam backing absorbs pressure and provides a cushion so that the wheel conforms to your stone.

These wheels are manufactured with an aggressive resin bond, resulting in a rough texture with sharp points. Due to their napped nature, these wheels require a break-in period prior to working on your jewellery pieces.

All wheels have 1″ arbor holes and come with bushings to accommodate 1/2″, 5/8″ and 3/4″ arbors.


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